My vegan story

IMG_4540I went vegetarian when I started uni. I did a challenge to go without meat for 40 days a few months before that. Doing this challenge made me realise that letting go of meat was actually not so hard. So I thought: well, why not cut it out of my diet completely? I had learned about the detrimental impact the meat industry has on the environment and it made me realise that I did not want to play a part in that anymore.

A year later my father (51 at the time) had to undergo heart surgery, out of nowhere. It gave the family, especially my sister and I, quite the scare. We started learning more about the diets that were good for preventing heart disease. The information we found eventually led both of us to adopt a plantbased lifestyle. 

In july 2015 I went completely vegan. Eating a vegetarian diet had allowed me to look at animal products in a different way. To watch footage I would have never watched before. Taking a step back had allowed me to see the cruelty of animal exploitation.

I’m not the typical animal hugger, I always thought that there were issues way more important than animal rights… 

Right now, I can only say it has changed my way of seeing things. I see that everything is connected. I want to take care of this planet and the beings on it, in all my ability. 

People who say that we first need to stop the atrocities among humans, before we save the animals, they are so wrong. There is no first this, than that. 

We need to do everything we can, take every opportunity we have to end the suffering of all beings. It’s that simple.