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Looking back: Three years of being vegan.

About three years ago I realised that this was it. I can’t deny it anymore. I’m going vegan. When six years ago I decided to stop eating meat it wasn’t with a whole lot of rational thinking. The news had reached me that meat was bad for the environment. I had tried to stop eating… Continue reading Looking back: Three years of being vegan.

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How to: Slow Fashion in Belgium.

In the beginning of this year I wrote a blogpost about why I stopped buying fast fashion. You can click here to read more. The stories behind the fast fashion industry are being told on a global scale and it seems like an awareness is spreading. The Fashion Revolution initiative has brought activists from different… Continue reading How to: Slow Fashion in Belgium.

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Leaving Fast Fashion behind.

I used to be a pro in looking for the cheapest clothes. It’s not that I was buying stuff just because it was cheap.  I literally went on city trips with friends to buy clothes that were different than what my peers were wearing and that suited my personal style. It had to be cheap though, because only… Continue reading Leaving Fast Fashion behind.

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Groningen Fair Fashion Guide

As you can read in this blogpost, I only buy clothes that are made in  fair labour conditions. This means either from sustainable/fairtrade brands or second hand. Living in Groningen for half a year, I discovered quite a few places that offer Fair Fashion and I want to share them with you. So here I… Continue reading Groningen Fair Fashion Guide

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Contradictions I made being a vegetarian for the environment 

I was vegetarian for about two years when I started cooking plant based. Eight months later I decided to go fully vegan. Two months later I had a few slip ups with cheese, being in a formal social situation and not wanting to be the difficult person. I mark the real beginning of being vegan… Continue reading Contradictions I made being a vegetarian for the environment