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Soy lattes and Sweets – Ghent

So I’ve been attending a lot of coffee bars and indulging in plenty of treats since being back in Ghent. And I thought it would be cool to inform you where in Ghent you can go to have some Chai / Soy / Matcha / Whatever latte and vegan pastry. On this level Ghent has been booming recently so I’m excited to tell you there are so many places to get your sweet craving nowadays!!! Just two years ago it was almost impossible to find any vegan desserts in Ghent and now you literally can go on a cake bender through the city and eat until you can’t move anymore (don’t do that).

I hope this blogpost gives you a clear overview and that it will come in handy when you are in desperate need of some heart-warming, mood-boosting vegan cake.


Full Circle Coffee

After hosting a pop up coffee bar in a tattoo studio, Full Circle Coffee now opened their own place near Zuid. This coffee bar  is 100% plantbased and takes coffee quite seriously. They always have cakes and pastries to accompany your delicious oat latte. It’s also a great place to just sit and read a book or get some work done.

Chai Spiced Carrot Cake @ Full Circle Coffee
Full Circle Coffee
Zuidstationstraat 5


This is quite a famous coffee bar in Ghent where the places behind the window are always taken because those are the best spots to people-watch! I’m really glad to see this popular coffee bar having  vegan cakes and scones in their selection and making vegan food more mainstream right in the heart of this city.

Lemon pie @ OR coffee
OR Coffee Bar
Walpoortstraat 26



Barista has two coffee bars, one that is a bit more touristy near the Vrijdagsmarkt and another one that’s a bit more quiet and good for studying or working at the Brabantdam. They will gladly serve you a soy latte and they also have vegan brownies!!

Barista Coffee & Cake
Hippoliet Lippensplein 25 / Meerseniersstraat 16



This completely vegan lunch bar can offer you a classic coffee or tea with some vegan viennoiserie, brownies or muffins.

Vegan pastries @ MieVie
Mie Vie
Serpentstraat 28

Madam Bakster
An all plantbased and refined sugar free coffee bar where you can eat their homemade cakes and drink lattes with homemade nut milk. If you have something to celebrate or want to surprise someone, you can also buy cake here to take home.

Madam Bakster
Brabantdam 142


Peaberry has a really open and welcome atmosphere that makes you wish you could stay just a bit longer and have another matcha soy latte.

Apple pie, caramel pecan bar + soy and matcha lattes @ Peaberry coffeebar
Peaberry Coffee Bar
Limburgstraat 24



This place uses as many local and homegrown ingredients as possible and they make their own cakes too. I can’t remember if they offered lattes but I do remember them having a really nice selection of loose leaf teas (By now you’ve probably realised that I’m NOT a coffee expert but just someone that likes to eat cake).

Brabantdam 100


Lekker Gec

This one is perfect when you’ve missed your train (or if, unlike me, you always arrive at the station twenty minutes early!). Lekker Gec is an organic, all vegan buffet style restaurant that always has several vegan cakes to taste from for a very decent price.


Chai latte and soy cheesecake @ Lekker Gec
Lekker Gec
Kon. Maria Hendrikaplein 6


When it’s already a bit late and all the coffee bars are closed, don’t worry. You can still head over to Greenway for their vegan carrotcake or brownies!

Greenway Gent
Nederkouter 42


BE O Versbar

Right next to the indoor organic market, you’ll find BE O Versbar. I personally think it is a bit of a hidden gem in Ghent, often very quiet but lovely to sit here and with plenty of light. I actually came here to try their lunch, but they overheard it was my birthday and brought me a slice of cheesecake! And I’m not the biggest fan of raw cheesecakes but this one was sooo good.

Cheesecake @ BE O versbar
BE O Versbar
Heilige-Geeststraat 6


Moor & Moor
A cool grocery shop with a lot of vegan and organic products that is also a coffee bar. They always have vegan treats like raw cakes or banana bread.

Jakobijnenstraat 7

Take Five Espressobar

This coffee bar is in a perfect location right in the city center and only a few minutes away from my faculty! They are very vegan friendly and always have vegan pastries to try out, ranging from healthy banana bread to rich chocolate pie.

Chocolate pie + soy and chai lattes @ Take Five Espressobar
Take Five Espressobar
Voldersstraat 10

Le Pain Quotidien

The health food chain Le Pain Quotidien has two stores in Ghent and is a great place to warm up, have a chai or kurkuma latte and a vegan muffin. Since there’s one right next to my faculty I find it a really nice place to sit and get some work done (upstairs) on a rainy day.

Blueberry muffin and chai latte @ Le Pain Quotidien
Le Pain Quotidien
Kalandeberg 10 / Korenmarkt 16


Although I mainly go to Plus+ for their super healthy breakfast, it’s also a really lovely place to have some hot drinks and a healthy treat.

Hot maca chocolate and soy latte + healthy chocolate cake and peanut bar @Plus+
Ajuinlei 14


Yes! I love BARBIET. In one of the side streets of the Vrijdagsmarkt you find this lunch bar with good vibes and quirky drinks like beetroot lattes! (And yes they have vegan cake too. Ofcourse.)

Beetroot latte @ Barbiet

Baudelostraat 3



Wow guys, so many options. How cool is this city? But it does not end here! Although I had my fair share of cake this winter, apparently there’s even MORE vegan cake left to discover…

I have never been to the following places but they should be able to help you with your coffee + vegan cake – fix:

DreamCATchers  – Schepenhuisstraat 17 (This is a Cat café!)

V-BOX – Binnenplein Dok Noord  (vegan streetfood with waffles, donuts, muffins, …)

Homblé – Papegaaistraat 68

O’YO – Brabantdam 82

VERS – Kortrijksesteenweg 31

Folie à deux  – Filips Van arteveldestraat 37

Krookcafé – Miriam Makebaplein 1





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