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Vegan dining in Groningen

Currently I’m on exchange in Groningen, which is this cute student town in the North of the Netherlands. Now as we all know, the Dutch are not big on eating out in general, they prefer to make simple and sober food at home. As a Belgian and a vegan though + surrounded by other international students, going to restaurants is a must for me. It’s a part of exploring and supporting the city I live in. In this blogpost I will give you a list of places I went to that offered me vegan options. This will save you the hassle of researching and of missing out on good food. I will update this blogpost throughout my stay.

Top picks 

1. De Oude Gasfabriek 

A new restaurant that has plenty of vegan options on their menu opened in Nieuwe Ebbingekwartier. For a student it s a bit pricey but the food is definitely more gourmet, which is hard to find in the Netherlands, especially plantbased. So don’t hesitate to pay them a visit and try out their eggplant tower or chocolate lava cake. The building itself and the interior would have already been reason enough for me to pay this restaurant a visit.

The chocolate lave cake with banana ice cream

Restaurant de Oude Gasfabriek

Langestraat 66, 9712 LT Groningen

2. Buurman en Buurman

Yes please. I went to Buurman en Buurman for their opening weekend and I have to say that these people are the most friendly restaurant owners I have ever met. The chef even came by our table afterwards and asked for feedback and ideas on their vegan pizzas. Buurman en buurman has a rusty and intimate interior which makes it perfect for a quiet night out with friends or a date night. Both their salads and pizzas were really good and the ingredients were fresh and sourced with loads of love by the owners. It’s a small place (be in time or call ahead for a table) but one you definitely should not skip while you’re in Groningen. When you arrive just inform the kitchen  you’re vegan and they will help you with the menu. Enjoy.

This is where the magic happens: what a beautiful pizza oven.
I normally hate salads in a restaurant, this one however nailed it! So many different flavours and textures…

The ‘gezellige’ atmosphere of Buurman en Buurman


Buurman en Buurman

Rodeweg 6, Groningen

3. KONBU streetfood

This is the place for some delicious vegan ramen, matcha soy latte and gyozas. Just ask them for the vegan options and they will be eager to help you. Fun fact: It’s the only place in the Netherlands where I actually struggle to finish my plate. On top of that: their interior is really fresh and beautiful in a minimalist way. Oh and while you’re there; look for my face between the numerous polaroids displayed in the restaurant!

Their ramen veganised
Summer rolls as a starter.


Konbu streetfood


4.De Herbivoor

De Herbivoor is more of a lunch and breakfast place, but on Thursday nights they stay open until 9pm. So when you want to go out for dinner but keep eating healthy and clean (and at the same time very tasty), Herbivoor is the way to go. My favourite dish up till now has been their spelt wraps.

Delicious spelt wraps at the Herbivoor

De Herbivoor

Gedempte Zuiderdiep 59, 9711HC Groningen

5. Fatoush

One of the most traditional vegan friendly cuisines is definitely the Lebanese one. And so is the Lebanese restaurant Fatoush. There is plenty of choice of vegan mezzes and the staff will do their absolute best to help you choose what to pick.

Look at this amazing mezze spread!



Restaurants that have a  few vegan options or can veganize some dishes:
1. De Uurwerker

This is a restaurant which a lot of people in their late twenties seem to attend, so if you want to get out of the student only vibe that is most of Groningen: come here. For all I know they can veganize their vegetarian burger and it was pretty good, but I’m sure they can veganize some other dishes as well for you.

Their vegetarian burger veganized.


De Uurwerker

Uurwerkersplein 1, 9712 EJ Groningen

2. The Pool

Inside of the famous student hotel, lies a restaurant called The Pool. The residents do not have a real pool but they can go for some good food here when they are too lazy or busy to cook. The pool has several vegan dishes on the menu and some vegetarian that can be veganized. I had the Mujedrah here and it was very jummy, although a bit small for a main.

The mujedrah dish at the Pool restaurant


The Pool restaurant

Boterdiep 9, 9712 LH Groningen


Wereldburgers is a real burger restaurant. That said, they do sell vegetarian burgers which can be served vegan! And they have a whole freezer full of vegan ice cream of professor Grunschnabel and vegan cake! I’ve tried both the portobello and the bean burger and they were pretty decent.

Bean burgers + mango salad


Akerkhof 43, 9712 BC Groningen

Bonus: Lux

So technically Lux doesn’t qualify for this list since it’s not a place to go dining but instead it’s kind of a gourmet take away/ delivery. Lux offers the more original pizza with loads of fresh toppings on top. They have a big selection of vegetarian pizzas which you can order with vegan cheese instead. They are lovely people and will do their best to accommodate you. Even when we hungry vegans placed an order of sixteen pizzas they did not disappoint..


Wish I could show you a better picture but these sixteen pizzas were devoured so fast that I could not make any pictures :’)


Nieuwe ebbingestraat 82, Groningen


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